Aug 20, 2014

Pakistan: A Hard Country

I am reading "Pakistan: A Hard Country."

This book is especially recommended for those who angrily curse Pakistan without any hesitation or thought about why Pakistan, and by that I mean many different political, social, and religious fractions living together in this land, behaves the way it does. I am barely half the way through the whole book, but even now, I have realized how I was mistaken with my perceptions about Pakistan, the government, the army, its geopolitical environment, the past and the future, and many more things.
The author of the book, Anatol Lieven‬ writes, "Pakistan is quite simply far more important to the region, the West and the world than is Afghanistan: a statement which is a matter not of sentiment but of mathematics. With more than 180 million people, Pakistan has nearly six times the population of Afghanistan (or Iraq), twice the population of Iran, and almost two-thirds the population of the entire Arab world put together. Pakistan has a large diaspora in Britain (and therefore in the EU), some of whom have joined the Islamist extremists and carried out terrorists attacks against Britain."
According to the author, it is true that the government of Pakistan supports the Afghani Taliban and by that it promotes extremism, however, it may also be the first stand against it.
Pakistan is made of many contradicting groups, fractions, ideas, however that won't be a cause for its collapse, if one wants to argue that. What may destroy the Pakistani system though will be the "flood and other ecological disasters" on the scale like that of the 2010.
You must read this book.

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