Jan 10, 2008

A Critique on Kardan University

One of my classmates –actually not exactly classmate, but in the same semester—has written a paper titled “Kardan University: Difficulties, and Solutions” including some critiques about Kardan University. I got it from an email which had been sent to all guys in the D3. I printed it to read carefully. You can find it in here.

In this paper -- which has been written on Dec 25-- it was discussed on many issues related to Kardan University and its problems such as, the legal problems of the Kardan University in Ministry of Higher Education, tuition fees, parking lot for the University students, the inappropriate behavior of receptionists and other staffs of the University, the methods of teaching, the problems related to examinations and many more things which fairly are our problems and we all hope to be solved as soon as it’s possible; and of course we know all that this is an incredible dream!

The article is in three papers and in the first glance it looks like a “party statement”! The writer has not mentioned his or her name and this is not a good thing for someone who has a critique on something and wishes the weaknesses and problems to be eliminated. Of course the writer is not completely unknown! On the top of the first page, on the right corner it has been motioned “Some of the Students of the Third Semester”. Well, at least we have a clue about the writer! Ok, this is enough for us and after all we don’t need the name of the writer, but we want to know that what the content of the article is all about.

As I said, in the first glance the article looks like a “party statement”, it has been started by a foreword. In this part you can read:

“We as the first students of the first program of the Kardan University… it is a long time that have observed the weaknesses and inconsistencies in this academic center… After long consultations, we got to this point that we should have stated our remarks and notes through which it has been recognized the difficulties towards the University to achieve its goals and also the suggestions to remove and eliminate them.”

Good words! I agree; and guess everyone else thinks so. We “as the first student of the first program of the Kardan University” know that we have taken a big risk coming to a university which still officially is not recognized as a “University” and we all know that prestige of Kardan University is our own prestige.

After this short foreword, another short paragraph has been allocated to purpose of writing the paper, titled “Why Are We Writing?” I think this part was not necessary to be written and should have been removed or connected to the previous part.

But another strange section of the article and comparatively longer than other parts is titled again “foreword”. I forgot to say that the previous foreword was actually a “fore-foreword”! And this part is the real “foreword”. Ok, this is an initiative itself.

In this part about the same, we, the people of the Third-World countries get used to talk about the necessities and basis and looking for the traces back to the Ancient Greece when we want to discuss even about most unimportant and pettiest things! So, I thing it should be eliminated too. The writer in a paragraph at the end of the article has said that the Kardan students are so busy and do not have time to be assigned by a very tough and complicated time schedule. So the writer at least should have observed this matter. I can not understand the necessity of writing of such a long article just to mention the difficulties and the solutions. We could expect the reasons and necessities of writing the paragraph like this, only if we did not agree with that and writer should have tried to convinces us, then. But we all agree with this matter that the weaknesses of Kardan University must be removed; don’t you?

From then on, the writer has tried to give the difficulties and fairly they are. I want to now talk about some of them in brief.

The problem of Kardan University in the Ministry of Higher Education is a serious problem for us to worry about. What will feel if you go someday to Kardan and see that a small piece of paper is stuck on the door of Kardan University and written “the University is an illegal entity and must be closed” on it? I do not know the exact words used for that! Kardan has closed its eyes and ears and does not pay attention to any warning from the Ministry of Higher Education. But this is not the way. We have the right to discuss with the authorities of Kardan on this issue. I am repeating again, the prestige of Kardan is our prestige. I don’t want to learn the principles of legal and scientific management from a person who does not respect to law himself.

The “educational facilities” are other problems notable to think about. Up to this semester, third semester the University never has started and finished a semester in the time it is already announced. The third semester should have been finished up to December, but have not.

The teachers and their methods must be discussed in a separate paper, because there are so many problems which they are out of the breadth of that and this fragment.

Oh, My God! What the hell is this color paper that is issued in the name of Kardan University! It is shameful! I do not even want to talk about it.

One of the issues mentioned on the paper is the problem we have with the library. Can you really call it a library?! I can’t believe I have paid 20 dollars for this! No book (actually there are a few, but so few that you can read them in one day!). Yesterday I went there to study a little, but it was so cold, I prefer to go outside, because it was much warmer!

But after all one thing is not mentioned that it should have. In the months January and February in which the University is off, why do we have to pay the tuition fees? Do you think it is fair? The authorities of Kardan argued that we must pay the building rent, lecturers’ salaries, and etc. Ok, but at least they can discount it say up to %50. Because there will be no charges for heating system, water, electricity and many more that I can’t remember now.

At the end of the paper, it has been given some suggestion such as, “opening weblog, website, cooperation fund (or something like that), and issuing a magazine or something like that. I myself opened a weblog; as you see. I expect it to become a place for ideas and opinions to be shared. But I now realized that the guys are too busy to pay attention to these kinds of things. I even give my lecture in EPS class about “weblog”. But no ones paid attention to that. I hope with this kind of papers, our friends can realized the importance and significance of weblog in our era.
At the end, I want to appreciate the writer of this paper and encourage him or her and also all of the students of Kardan University to write more and more and not keeping silence as they do now. In this fragment I wanted to express my own comment about the article itself and the issues discussed in it. I hope you also share your comments and queries in here and anywhere else to be read by the Kardan students.

Jan 1, 2008

Season’s Greeting

I want to present my profound Greeting on the New Year to all guys at Kardan University and also to all guys at all universities throughout the world. Hope you have finished up the year 2007 and wish you begin and pass a perfectly successful New Year. Hope the year 2008 to be a year free of war, violence, suicide attacks, explosion, extremism, terrorism, and hope to be a year of integrity, prosperity, happiness, success, unity, and a lot more good words, that I can’t remember now. And I hope I can have good year of blogging!