Dec 30, 2012


I am not sure I have understood what "overachiever" means (I have not achieved much, not lost much), but I am very much like the #1, certainly not #2 (I used to steal money from my mom's purse when I was a kid; not anymore). #3: I can only say I like sticky notes in different colors all around me! #4: I can't focus when my desk is messy. I don't get #5, but boy, I can relate myself very well with #6. I don't care if I have a weakness when all do, whereas I have strengths not so many have. #7: I seek mentors and love to mentor. For #8, I can only say I have seven weblogs, and believe books and dinosaurs have one common characteristic: too spacey! #9: I am fat. #10: Not sure I like to start things but I surely keep up things. #11: You can hate me or I can say don't waste your time with hatred, and instead, learn some from me! #12: I am crazy by the way! #13: I have never had such a thing.

Dec 27, 2012

Budget and timetable

I made my first draft of the startup budget, and a schedule for making things accomplished to formally launch the business. For obvious reasons, the most challenging task is finding sources of financing our startup. We're currently undertaking a few projects that could partially cover our initial needs for fund. We prefer not going for any loan and the things alike, as things are really unpredictable here in Kabul and we don't really want to incur additional costs of interests.

Dec 22, 2012

Dec 20, 2012

Time for a change

It was time for a change in my professional lifestyle. I resigned from the office I had joined very recently. I don't have any good feeling about it actually, but you can't really help it. I needed a change. It seemed to me I was not enjoying anymore what I was doing. Now, I am working with these guys here. It'll be freelance for a while until we get enough customers and capital to formally start something that we hope will be big! As a matter of fact, I have always been fascinated by design, all kinds of design, from fashion, to architecture, to industrial design. I know it sounds funny and somewhat weird, but I like design and though know little about it, but hell love to be close to the business and these guys, whom I have found very cool!

Dec 15, 2012


I am getting closer and closer to my goal; admission at Harvard Business School. It's been exactly four years now since, and how well I remember that, when I first decided to apply to HBS for MBA. It was December 2009. And, now more than ever, I am close to that.