Dec 30, 2012


I am not sure I have understood what "overachiever" means (I have not achieved much, not lost much), but I am very much like the #1, certainly not #2 (I used to steal money from my mom's purse when I was a kid; not anymore). #3: I can only say I like sticky notes in different colors all around me! #4: I can't focus when my desk is messy. I don't get #5, but boy, I can relate myself very well with #6. I don't care if I have a weakness when all do, whereas I have strengths not so many have. #7: I seek mentors and love to mentor. For #8, I can only say I have seven weblogs, and believe books and dinosaurs have one common characteristic: too spacey! #9: I am fat. #10: Not sure I like to start things but I surely keep up things. #11: You can hate me or I can say don't waste your time with hatred, and instead, learn some from me! #12: I am crazy by the way! #13: I have never had such a thing.

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