May 28, 2011

Time out

The Spring semester 2011 is over. And, I'm sitting in a cafe in Kart-e-Seh, relaxing my mind. I am going to take no more courses this summer. Instead, I will be traveling a bit, letting me see the other opportunities in life I have been depriving myself from, for some time. I'll see then what I will really want in my life...

May 2, 2011

Osama down: not so exciting

Osama bin Laden is down at last. I heard it today morning, when got an email from the security office advising about the unpredictable situation over the next hours. I do not typically watch or read the news because I don't have the time.

Here, many are happy, and many, who are sad, do not express themselves though. At lunch time, in addition to meals, was Osama's death hot on the table. Some are making jokes about it, while some trying to seriously analyze it. And, some even do not care about it. Or, I better to say they pretend they don't care about it. Maybe routines of everyday of life in Kabul have made us ignorant about many things around us, however, who can be ignorant of a person who changed their lives 180 degrees?

The good thing about this incident I think is this that not as we expected people are too excited, from sadness or joy. They are too experienced in passing such incidents in their lives. They are trying to be calm and see what will happen next.