Nov 27, 2007

Twelve Dollar Babies

Who has seen the movie Million Dollar Baby? That’s wonderful. I really love it and though I have seen that for five times, but it is not boring for me. Anytime I watch this movie, I get a new point from that.

This movie is the story of a girl who wants to learn boxing and be a champion and becomes rich. She goes to a well-known and old trainer who at first does not want to train her. But little by little, he agrees to train the girl. The girl does work very smart and just through several fights becomes very famous and earns a lot of money, so much that she could buy a new house for her mother.

Anyway, but in a great fight with a boxer called “Big Bear”, she is wounded. She is taken to hospital. In hospital, though so many struggles from her doctors, she can not be survived. At last, the trainer prefers mercy killing and…

The ending sequence of the Million Dollar Baby is deeply sad, even, you want to cry.

Forget it… just I wanted to talk about our own Twelve Dollar Babies. But now, I can’t. So, just for another time.

Nov 21, 2007

Another Terrible Semester

The new semester has been begun; the third semester, a semi-semester. I don’t know why, Kardan wants to finish the program so fast. I am not myself in a hurry to finish it. I want to be stayed in the university campus –though we don’t have such a place— for a long time. I don’t want it to be finished so soon.

Anyway, the third semester has been begun with three subject; the ones I love the most: EPS, Micro Economics, and Retail Management; specially, Micro Economics. I have already studied a book titled Macro Economics Today and it was really wonderful. I had borrowed it from the Library of Kardan. I can’t remember now the author’s name. But anyway, I learned a lot of new things about the world of economics.

But Kardan, as in the second semester did, destroyed all. Of course the subject EPS is good; the lecturer I mean. But the two other: I still have no idea about the Retail Management and its lecturer. We will see. But Micro Economics: unfortunately, I have got to say, with this new lecturer, we won’t have good time in Micro Economics classes. I don’t want to judge unfairly, but how can he teach us Micro Economics, while he is saying, “I don’t have any information about Afghanistan”. I don’t know why he said this sentence. But I can’t think of that as an intellectual sentence, anyway. He is not able to teach- this is all I want to say. When you see him, at the first glance, you say, “wow! What a handsome man”. But, when he begins to speak, he is like J.C II!

Well, I don’t want to destroy your good mood as Kardan did with me and you. Just I must say that we have started another terrible semester! But no problem, we have got used to that!