Nov 30, 2008

The time to have one!

Yesterday, after I posted the "Let's blog", some nice friends of mine responded and expressed their willingness to opening a Web log. OK, this is a great pleasure to me! Here, I have prepared a short simple instruction on "How to open a Web log", including a few easy steps to follow. You can see it beneath the post. You need to just click on the arrow on the right to follow the instruction. I have also provided that both in PDF and PowerPoint formats to meet the mass-customization principle! To download the instruction just click here (for PDF) and here (for PowerPoint). Hope you enjoy that.

How to Open a Web Log

Nov 29, 2008

Let's blog!

Hey fellows! As you know, I am a blog-worm! Of course, I don't think this is a bad habit or something, but rather I believe it could be very useful. One of its advantages could be building a blogging community among ourselves. The possible benefits, I believe, are unimaginable. In addition to this, we also would have a great opportunity to establish relationship with other students in famous universities, in particular, business school, all over the world, and take the advantage to use their knowledge and I don't know, whatever you may obtain.

Here are two of them I have found, through my discoveries (!) that I would like you to consider.

Update: Hey dudes! I must apologize for the introduction I made today morning for Standford Social Innovation Review, as you can see above. I had subscribed to that Web log through Google Reader, but a few minutes ago, when I wanted to open a post and read it, surprisingly observed that is restricted to only payer subscribers! That's too bad! But no problem, there could be lot of such similar Web logs you will find through the Internet. Sorry for any inconvenience from my side.

Nov 26, 2008

What is YOUR capacity?

How much capacity do you think you have in learning? Learning is not an easy task--not something new to say, but its difficulty rather than its time and efforts taken and made to learn, is more about a mind which can be the most open, to learn, to face, to hear, to look, to say, and to challenge the unacceptability of new things in this way. That's why I am saying it's not an easy task. You put whole of your life, your time, your energy, your money, to learn; but after all, as you never are ready and willing to face something that is in contrary to your own beliefs, so you fail to all these. so easy! Because, first of all other things, you put your beliefs ahead, and then you look for things and as you already have the answer (!) you judge.

A few days ago, we had a somewhat conflict in the class in the Psychology course. Oh, please don't get me wrong! I am not talking about the question of mine on the "hotness of male or female", which is itself could be a case to study as psychological point of view, but rather, I am talking about the afterward argument between me and Mr. Rahul. He's a nice man, and I like his manner, but that day, his way of arguing was not at all acceptable. He was arguing that, yeah, females are in essence like this and male like that. Up to here, I had no problem, of course, with the method of arguing, not with the message, which I am completely against it. But, he started saying that God has created such and such! I don't know how he could argue like this. That was not a religion class and he was not a religion teacher to talk for us about this that what the God has created or not. If he was religion teacher, I would have no problem with his thesis (!), but he is a psychology teacher, and I do not consider him as so credible to discuss such things for me.

But, the most painful part of the story--as it always has been-- is that when I was willing to open the story and elaborate that what all these had been and what I had meant, with so much sorrow, I observed that the fellows have so firmly closed their mind, that even, they did not want to open it, even for a few seconds!

Nov 18, 2008

Nov 10, 2008

Among those favoring Usmani

I have been always among those in favor of Mr. Usmani. I am not writing this to flatter him, but only to express what I feel. At least, because he has been always very kind to me and of course, to all of the students. I have never seen him being asked a question and then, getting angrey; what, the other teachers seem do not like; at least not all but most.

I have even seen a few imaging I am challenging them while asking a very simple question. And what, they do, in reaction, are different: some get angry very clearly and tell me, "Are you telling me this?", the others raise a joke to make the class environment very funny and to create this conception that I am joking...

But not Mr. Usmani. Even if he is joking, it is because of making the class joyful, but not encouraging.