Feb 14, 2008

Happy Valentine Day

Happy Valentine Day! Wish all lovers to have a wonderful and satisfying love life. And if you are single like me, hope you get mingle very soon! All the best.


Feb 5, 2008

Email and email and emai and ema and em and...

Oh my god! I really exhausted to open and read so many emails. My computer is not able to handle so much email anymore and my yahoo mail neither!

Guys! Guys! Please! I don't know what benefits this online discussion has. I totally agree with the Sulaiman's suggestion to go to some universities (and actually just Afghan-American University!) and, of course not to evaluate, because we have no authority to evaluate anybody, but to know whether we can afford their tuition fees or not.

Some guys have said that Kardan is just an "institute" and institute is not university and doctor is not nurse and... These are wrong. "University is not "institute" and should not be! but the degree we are to be given is the same and there is no difference between them. According to Wikipedia "university" is:
"An institution of higher education and research, which grants academic degrees
at all levels (associate, bachelor, master, and doctorate) in a variety of
But Kardan has only two subjects or departments and can not be a "university", but a "higher education center".

I know just this about this point. Anyone who disagrees with me, his or her comments are welcomed. Just click here to put your comments.

Feb 4, 2008

A New Start? I Hope so…

There are a few news:
1. Kardan has changed its title at last; from “University” into “High Education Institute” or something like that. After a lot of emails I received day by day and one after the other, now I got that Kardan has given up at last; yesterday, when I went to the University (sorry, the High Education Institute!) I saw on the top of the Kardan building a new what-I-said on it. I have no problem with the new title of Kardan myself, but I at least want to study in a place, wherever is, which after my graduation I can have a degree recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education of Afghanistan.
2. The other news is that we finished the first year in Kardan… whatever is. I do not regret with it. Some of my friends worry about Kardan whether it is closed or not, But I do not. However, how many dollars I have paid to Kardan as tuition fees, I have learnt equally. In addition, I have been introduced with a field through Kardan I knew nothing about it before. And after all, I do not want to finish my Bachelor in here.
3. Yesterday, when I was in the class, Sulaiman our CR said Mr. Roeen wanted to see me to know about my weblog. I don’t know, he wants to admire or punish me to have a blog on Kardan or maybe none of them, but I am very curious about it.
I could not see Mr. Roeen yesterday. He was busy. But anyway I am happy about it, because at least someone raised his head to notice to me and this is very valuable for me. This, that Mr. Roeen has a positive or negative idea about “the University Campus” is not important for me, but just the attention, that is important for me; and the attention of the Chancellor of Kardan!