Jan 19, 2014

Alexis Kamerman

When I remember her lovely face and her beautiful smile, I can't stop crying!

For god's sake, we have the right to live, we have the right to breathe, to learn, to go to school, to go to restaurant, to walk on the street. We don't want to kill anyone, We don't want the people of the world hate us. We want them to love us.

Taliban! We don't want you! Leave us, please!

Jan 11, 2014

Legal sex

It seems far from feasibility in Afghanistan, for many reasons. But if it was possible, I would vote for legalization of prostitution in this country.

It appears it has raised many controversies in Germany between the for and against the legalization. The people who is in the pro side believe that legalization has protected many, whom otherwise would be exploited without anyone informed about it. The opponents of the legalization however believe that prostitution is basically against the human rights and dignity. They are mostly comprised of feminists, social activists, and religious groups. I see in both groups ethical bases. The first is based on a utilitarianistic ethics, while the second, a deontological one.

I don't have any access to stats and data on this field, but it's just a hypothesis: Sex and sexual desires are factual demands in an environment, called the "market". Right? So as long as they exist, so exists the supply side. No one is to blame. It's just the market and how it works, which is so humanistic (that I have faith in).

If you illegalize the supply of prostitution, it's a sure thing you can't de-exist the demand side. The demand continues to nurture itself in any possible way, including unprotected, the already illegal sex. where the illegal practitioners no one formally knows about, has no data about, nobody cars about, nobody protects them. If it is legalized, maybe it appears that it would foster prostitution, which is not a desirable thing (that I should've mentioned it earlier) but I doubt any apparent increase in the number of professionals in the field is the direct result of increases in demand, because of the legalization. There would be increases in the supply side but perhaps because there have been potential hidden demands for it, in advance.

Legalization of prostitution is no factor for demoralizing the society, not saying that prostitution itself is not. It protects people who would be unprotected otherwise.

Gender-based violence

I've never believed in feminism and its historical male conspiracy theories. As a businessman, I believe in productivity when it's about women, rather than gender mainstreaming brought about by international NGOs in Afghanistan.

However, my definition of gender-based violence is rather all-inclusive, i.e. I believe violence is not limited to physical hardships of murder, torture, sexual abuse, etc. but it encompasses all types of intentions, actions, policies, laws, customs, traditions, cultures, that stops, in one way or the other, passively or actively, the belief, action, or imagination of a female to develop.

And, I don't know what exactly "development" could mean here; and actually, I don't intend to provide any definition either.

Jan 5, 2014


What determines quality of a product? Durability, Sustainability, Low Price, the so-called Snob Effect?

Yes and no! All these factors and more are significant factors in determining the quality of a product, good or service, one way or the other. But how can we measure the durability of a haircut or sustainability of an air travel? Or, what does the low price have to do with a Lamborghini? And the snob effect has nothing to do with the quality of the product! Quality is not merely a perception, it's real! But are we able to draw a general outline for a quality product? How would that product look like then?

Quality means Convenience and Control translated into the various aspects of a product utility. The experiences you are pleased and gratified with through the moment you make your mind to have/buy the product to the moment you're practically using/having/receiving it, and beyond. Saying it again, it is about the total experience of control and convenience you have over planning, purchasing, using, and recycling the product.

Today morning, it took me five minutes to open the package of a set of AAA battery. FIVE MINUTES! For god's sake, that product has little quality to me! Yesterday, I was pouring water into my Siemens iron. When I was closing the lid of its tank, it had a sound like I broke the lid! (It didn't broke.) Although it's a good iron and I have been using it for over a year now, but I am not going to recommend it to anyone else!