Jan 5, 2014


What determines quality of a product? Durability, Sustainability, Low Price, the so-called Snob Effect?

Yes and no! All these factors and more are significant factors in determining the quality of a product, good or service, one way or the other. But how can we measure the durability of a haircut or sustainability of an air travel? Or, what does the low price have to do with a Lamborghini? And the snob effect has nothing to do with the quality of the product! Quality is not merely a perception, it's real! But are we able to draw a general outline for a quality product? How would that product look like then?

Quality means Convenience and Control translated into the various aspects of a product utility. The experiences you are pleased and gratified with through the moment you make your mind to have/buy the product to the moment you're practically using/having/receiving it, and beyond. Saying it again, it is about the total experience of control and convenience you have over planning, purchasing, using, and recycling the product.

Today morning, it took me five minutes to open the package of a set of AAA battery. FIVE MINUTES! For god's sake, that product has little quality to me! Yesterday, I was pouring water into my Siemens iron. When I was closing the lid of its tank, it had a sound like I broke the lid! (It didn't broke.) Although it's a good iron and I have been using it for over a year now, but I am not going to recommend it to anyone else!

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