Jun 30, 2008

Just for a break

Exams begin on July 13--Of course, you all know that. I, myself, want to get myself dead ready for that; Especially for Business Statistics. That's a god damn subject, and a lovely subject in the same time! I love and I hate it...

Oh, by the way, in the previous post, I used --not intentionally-- a little bit rude word at the end of the post. Some guys expressed their concern on it and noticed me. I, here, would like to apologize all of those guys who found that sentence insulting--that's it. But, one point: as a writer --especially a blogger one-- I would not be able to express what I really want to express, without these words. This, is a reality--want it or not. This, is exactly for that reason, we can not get rid of these words out of our sentences while we are talking. And, the other point is that: words, themselves, can not be rude or polite, but, this is WE, we give them the meaning we want them to be meant. In this point of view, the meaning, I expected, you guys understand, by that word, was not the denotation meaning, but a connotation...

OK, I don't want to give your time with my nonsense words, anymore. However, this is what I think, I don't want to force you --through my words-- to accept it.

And, one thing else, I would appreciate you to put your comment just below the post, by clicking on "comment". That's a better way of expressing your comments.

Jun 28, 2008

I am back!

Hey everyone! I'M BACK. Actually, have nothing to say now, but, want to say that I'm still a little bit alive and breathing!

I can not write very long. You don't know, how much, I'm busy. But, I try to write more, from today on. And, you can expect more those god damn emails again!

Terminal exams are to begin some day next week, and, I am to prepare deadly myself to deal with them.

But, everyone, I would appreciate you to write to me. I will be alive just for that reason--to read your fucking messages!

Write to me, please...