Jun 28, 2008

I am back!

Hey everyone! I'M BACK. Actually, have nothing to say now, but, want to say that I'm still a little bit alive and breathing!

I can not write very long. You don't know, how much, I'm busy. But, I try to write more, from today on. And, you can expect more those god damn emails again!

Terminal exams are to begin some day next week, and, I am to prepare deadly myself to deal with them.

But, everyone, I would appreciate you to write to me. I will be alive just for that reason--to read your fucking messages!

Write to me, please...


  1. Salam, hey man, u r writing good, but this time at the end of your message u typed a bad word. Dear it might be checked by girls too. So may have a bad impression. Anyways best of luck see u ba bye

  2. Abbaseen Jan

    I must thank you for your consideration. But, about your comment: actually that was a joke! And just I wrote it. I didn't think about the meaning. I mean, I didn't want to intentionally insult anyone.

    But, my dear friend, when I write, I translate (of course, not official translations), I don't care about bad words. Why? because bad words are bad words anyway. And if we don't need them, so why do we use them in spoken language. You know, these words, however, are parts of the language --any language-- and I am not to get rid of them. Because, without them you have lost half of the language! Can you do that? Maybe yes, maybe not... but I can't...