Feb 25, 2014

Stylish candidates

It appears some of our presidential candidates in Afghan Elections 2014 have a tendency of using their Facebook photos for their campaign materials! They are dressed up in different formats, styles, dressing codes.

That's bad! It may imply they don't have a stable character. They get into different shapes and styles as per the voters' expectations. Whilst that can be considered a progress in the Afghan political sphere, whereas the practitioners are beginning to pay more attention to their people, but it looks dishonest as well. Voters may not trust candidates who look pretentious.

At the same time, having so much attention to appearance is a negative attitude for a leader. President Obama always wears black or blue because he says he don't want to be distracted by these things. In a different profession, Einstein wore always the same color or type of clothes, so did Steve Jobs.

Having a neat look is a complement for a leader, while having less attention to it is a virtue for them.

Feb 2, 2014


Angrily, unforgivably, and openly, they curse Karzai, and then, call him "dogmatic!

Karzai is a genius. I have never had, in recent years, the faith I had in him when I voted for him the first time, nor even as much as I believed him when I voted for him the second time, just in a hope that the other candidates wouldn't win. He has shown times and times the level of tolerance and flexibility, practically and explicitly, I have never seen in any other Afghan politicians. He has shown a level of professionalism of which you never find a second example in the Afghan political history. He doesn't respond of course, he just ignores! What else could have you expected from a leader to survive for twelve years in a highly radicalized society like that of Afghan's?! That of course makes the rest of us angry!

He had no solid ethnic basis to leverage for political gains, nor a firm support from the U.S. during Obama.Yet, he never gave up negotiating. He consistently demanded more either domestically or internationally, empty-handed.

Does he seek personal interest? Who doesn't! In an amateur political environment like the Afghanistan's, where the politicians are comprised of murderers, pedophiles, smugglers, or charlatans formerly called "intellectuals", he appears to remain the only one who can stay rational and seek the national interest, as well as his personal.

BSA? I have said this before. There are more to this game than meet the eye. We want to sell our country, but for a better price! Stay patient!