Aug 25, 2009

Listen Online

This is one of my dreams that someday I could do all my computer works just online. Thanks to some like Google, this dream, to some extent, has been fulfilled. I can use Google Doc to do everything (not actually everything, of course) that I do in MS Office, for example.

I want to, someday, totally use online storages and websites to listen music, without having to downloading them on my computer. Here is a first post by Orli Yakuel on TechCrunch, of a two-part article, introducing the most popular websites for listening music online. Have a look at it. You maybe will like it.

Aug 24, 2009

The Fall Semester

Thank God, the summer break is about to over. And, we're going to have another plasureable time in the Fall Semester.

I have scheduled for tomorrow to go AUAF to register for the new semester. I have planned to get myself a bit busier this semester.

One interesting thing in this semester is online registration, which, I am sure, is going to decrease our headaches very much. Thanks to AUAF!

Aug 13, 2009

Nasim Fekrat

Definitely, this is just more than a name: Nasim Fekrat...