Aug 25, 2009

Listen Online

This is one of my dreams that someday I could do all my computer works just online. Thanks to some like Google, this dream, to some extent, has been fulfilled. I can use Google Doc to do everything (not actually everything, of course) that I do in MS Office, for example.

I want to, someday, totally use online storages and websites to listen music, without having to downloading them on my computer. Here is a first post by Orli Yakuel on TechCrunch, of a two-part article, introducing the most popular websites for listening music online. Have a look at it. You maybe will like it.


  1. hi,
    it will be good if you cut some of dam advertisments from your blog, it make me confuse to find your own notes.

  2. umm. yeah, i think they suck. Well, you know, I once added them to my weblog; I don't know why! But, now, I have forgotten how to remove them!