Dec 29, 2007

A Merry-Christmas with Delay

In fact, I must have said this the day before yesterday but for some reason I could not. Anyway, I am saying that now: MERRY CRISTMASS!

One of the reasons for this delay is the problem with electricity. In this country, we just have three days a week the opportunity of having electricity and just at night for a five or sometime six hours and not more; especially in winters. And at the nights that we have electricity, we are so happy and warm that we do not feel the coldness of the winter in Kabul. But, at the nights we don’t have any electricity, you can feel the smell of death; you can touch the fear; you can…

The other reason was… forget about it! It is not so important…

Dec 5, 2007

Why Am I blogging in Here?

Let me think: What was the reason of opening this blog? I mean what for I opened it? A blog that is in English; a language I don't know so well, as my own mother tongue and I can't write in that as easy as I write in another weblog called Chang (meaning "harp") that is in Persian. I write –or better to say, I blog—in Chang very easy; why am I using this word? Maybe because I want to say that you can think just in your own mother tongue and even though, you know a second language very well, but you have to first think in the first language and then translate it into the second one. But I do not have this problem while I am blogging in Persian; but just write, write, and write…

Anyway, let’s come back to the question: what happened that I decided opening this weblog and blogging in it? I could just blog in my Persian weblog, if I just wanted to blog. So, it can’t be the reason.

I remember I wrote a prologue as the first post in the University Campus, but that doesn’t solve the problem. I can’t be convinced with that as the initial aim to start blogging. I think I should go deeper. It is little funny: sometime you do something that you don’t know what has been the primary goal of starting that!

My Persian weblog (Chang) is a weblog as I am still in Iran atmosphere. And maybe you know or not, but I know that talking and writing in Iranian accent is not so welcomed here, in Kabul. So, I could not share my blogging in Chang with my friends in here. And also, I did not want to close Chang and open a new weblog just for these guys. Because I have some readers and friends that I have made through blogging in there and I don’t want to lose them.

Anyway, I think, little by little, I am closing to the point. I wanted to share some ideas and opinions and experiences which could not be understood here or we can say, my friends in here were not interested in them. I wanted to create an atmosphere different from that of Chang.

Ok… at the time I am writing these I am in the work place and I don’t have any more time to continue about such fucking and nonsense points—but important, at least for myself. And also I don’t want to give your time anymore—though I know, you never put your time to read such… but Ok, I just wanted to recover my mind just for myself. But if you want to read it, you may!
Fragments, From the-Words-of-My-Heart

Dec 1, 2007

Blog: the New Generation of Mass Media

Today, I have a lecture and honestly I worry so much about it! It is out of my control, though I have several years experience of teaching and this is a little strange; at least, for me. I have no difficulty with being in front of for example 50 or 60 people or being laughed or nobody listens to me. But I don’t know still it seems difficult.

The topic of my lecture is the same the title of this fragment. You know I live this phenomenon! And also there are enough materials to cover the topic on the internet. Google is still alive and speedy. I have collected my necessary materials and my slides has been prepared, but still...
Well, I can’t say what will be happened. Let’s see…