Dec 5, 2007

Why Am I blogging in Here?

Let me think: What was the reason of opening this blog? I mean what for I opened it? A blog that is in English; a language I don't know so well, as my own mother tongue and I can't write in that as easy as I write in another weblog called Chang (meaning "harp") that is in Persian. I write –or better to say, I blog—in Chang very easy; why am I using this word? Maybe because I want to say that you can think just in your own mother tongue and even though, you know a second language very well, but you have to first think in the first language and then translate it into the second one. But I do not have this problem while I am blogging in Persian; but just write, write, and write…

Anyway, let’s come back to the question: what happened that I decided opening this weblog and blogging in it? I could just blog in my Persian weblog, if I just wanted to blog. So, it can’t be the reason.

I remember I wrote a prologue as the first post in the University Campus, but that doesn’t solve the problem. I can’t be convinced with that as the initial aim to start blogging. I think I should go deeper. It is little funny: sometime you do something that you don’t know what has been the primary goal of starting that!

My Persian weblog (Chang) is a weblog as I am still in Iran atmosphere. And maybe you know or not, but I know that talking and writing in Iranian accent is not so welcomed here, in Kabul. So, I could not share my blogging in Chang with my friends in here. And also, I did not want to close Chang and open a new weblog just for these guys. Because I have some readers and friends that I have made through blogging in there and I don’t want to lose them.

Anyway, I think, little by little, I am closing to the point. I wanted to share some ideas and opinions and experiences which could not be understood here or we can say, my friends in here were not interested in them. I wanted to create an atmosphere different from that of Chang.

Ok… at the time I am writing these I am in the work place and I don’t have any more time to continue about such fucking and nonsense points—but important, at least for myself. And also I don’t want to give your time anymore—though I know, you never put your time to read such… but Ok, I just wanted to recover my mind just for myself. But if you want to read it, you may!
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