Jul 27, 2008

A new voice from the Kardan Morning

When I opened the University Campus on October 15, 2007, nobody paid attention to that. I had to and sometimes still have to send a warning email to everyone that yea, the University Campus has been updated! It couldn't have been more unprofessional than this! But, anyway I had to, because no one did know how he/she could open a Weblog and read it and post a comment on it!

But, it seems to me that little by little everything is changing and some guys are getting interested in blogging and its world. Oh, my God! You've got no idea, how much I am excited! Today morning, when I checked the comments on the University Campus, I faced with a comment:

Really nice blog, and make sure you pass on the information to anyone who is relevant in enjoying this blog on Kardan...

The person posted this comment also put for me a link to his/her blog: A blog on Kardan, named "Kardan Morning Folio". The writer does not mention his/her name.

Who could guess that at last someone realizes the importance of Weblog and how exciting blogging could be? This is an initial step, let's continue.

Jul 8, 2008

Hey! be careful, maybe someone's reading your Gmails...!

When you use multiple computer to check your G-mails or when you use a public place like cafeterias or Internet clubs you might forget sign out your Gmail account... But, don't worry! Now, you can sign out your Gmail account from a remote area of the computer you're sign in.

But, unfortunately, this feature is not available in every account by now. However, you might would like to be informed. Maybe it's coming soon. (Read the full story by clicking on the title)

Jul 7, 2008


from right, the second person is Mr. Rao

I just heard that my dear friend, Shri V. Venkateswara Rao, the Counselor of Indian embassy has been among those killed in today morning's suicide attack on the Indian embassy.

I don't know how I can be shared with grief of the families of Mr. Rao. I am so sorry... I... I wish I could never be in this world as an Afghan... I wish...

I lost a friend I do not think I can never have one another alike...

I don't know what to say... Please help me...

Jul 6, 2008

You are BUSY? So what...?

I was just hanging around on Facebook and was doing such things as "hug", "kiss", "join" the... group, "commenting" on... "post" or "photos", etc. It wouldn't be fair, if you judge that it's nothing, but fun! I mean, it maybe has not an immediate "return on investment" (!), but in the long run, it can put you into an environment, full of friendship--with people you knew in the past (high school, elementary school, previous jobs, etc.), with people you had just heard their name (actors, actress, famous singers, etc.), and even with those you have never met them before...

I just thought, while hanging around on Facebook, that what you fellows would think about me: "Hey, take a look at this free-of-charge guy! He has nothing to do, but doing wasting-time things..."

OK, I have no power on what you would think about me and so, I don't care. But, guys, let us a little think about how exciting would be, if we have a network among the students of D3, and even Kardan. I suppose, some classes of Kardan have created such networks. My suggestion is, let's try it too.

I don't want to talk about the potential benefits from my point of view, only. This is just a suggestion. I let you understand your own interest in it, just once you come into that.

Jul 2, 2008

Bill retires--Who's next?

Who can believe, one day, Bill Gates, the one, whose decisions have been affecting, for many years, any computer user, throughout the world, some day retires from Microsoft; a company he co-founded it and loved like a kid. The one, who has been in the front line of innovation for decades in the world of operating system. The one, who proved anything is possible through hard work, good leadership, and creating a work environment with a rich culture, and...

Yeah, it's possible. Maybe, for us the people of the third-world countries, this, is a unique and unbelievable phenomenon, but not, for that part of the world. It is a fact, and you can not deny it. But Imagine, if one of our guys, in these countries, could have such a power, do you think, he or she would be willing to lose this power some day. Impossible! At least, in Afghanistan, I can't find such an experiment; never. For example, if you just get back to the history of our political leaders, none of them was willing to get away of the power, but when was killed! This is a fact. I worry about the present President Hamid Karzai...

Anyway, I was just talking about the computer world and the retiring of Bill Gates. In these days, in press, you can find very many cool articles on Bill Gates' retire, you difinitely enjoy reading them. Here is one of them.

Who Will Fill Bill Gates' Shoes?

Interesting note by
Erick Schonfeld in Techcrunch on "Who will carry on his legacy [Bill Gates] and define the current Web era of computing?" The writer mentions a few big names such as, Microsoft's Ray Ozzie, Google's Sergey Brin and Larry Page, Amazon's Jeff Bezos, Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, FriendFeed's Paul Buchheit and Bret Taylor, and a few others.

I, strongly, recommend you to read this article. You surely will enjoy it.