Jul 6, 2008

You are BUSY? So what...?

I was just hanging around on Facebook and was doing such things as "hug", "kiss", "join" the... group, "commenting" on... "post" or "photos", etc. It wouldn't be fair, if you judge that it's nothing, but fun! I mean, it maybe has not an immediate "return on investment" (!), but in the long run, it can put you into an environment, full of friendship--with people you knew in the past (high school, elementary school, previous jobs, etc.), with people you had just heard their name (actors, actress, famous singers, etc.), and even with those you have never met them before...

I just thought, while hanging around on Facebook, that what you fellows would think about me: "Hey, take a look at this free-of-charge guy! He has nothing to do, but doing wasting-time things..."

OK, I have no power on what you would think about me and so, I don't care. But, guys, let us a little think about how exciting would be, if we have a network among the students of D3, and even Kardan. I suppose, some classes of Kardan have created such networks. My suggestion is, let's try it too.

I don't want to talk about the potential benefits from my point of view, only. This is just a suggestion. I let you understand your own interest in it, just once you come into that.

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