Jul 27, 2008

A new voice from the Kardan Morning

When I opened the University Campus on October 15, 2007, nobody paid attention to that. I had to and sometimes still have to send a warning email to everyone that yea, the University Campus has been updated! It couldn't have been more unprofessional than this! But, anyway I had to, because no one did know how he/she could open a Weblog and read it and post a comment on it!

But, it seems to me that little by little everything is changing and some guys are getting interested in blogging and its world. Oh, my God! You've got no idea, how much I am excited! Today morning, when I checked the comments on the University Campus, I faced with a comment:

Really nice blog, and make sure you pass on the information to anyone who is relevant in enjoying this blog on Kardan...

The person posted this comment also put for me a link to his/her blog: A blog on Kardan, named "Kardan Morning Folio". The writer does not mention his/her name.

Who could guess that at last someone realizes the importance of Weblog and how exciting blogging could be? This is an initial step, let's continue.

1 comment:

  1. Hi,

    Thanks for the headstart, it was real nice.

    I'll have to say, it was pretty much delightful to see someone really making use of technology; to understanding it let alone stressing the need for it. It somehow was inspirational since you do have audience as far as i'm concerned.