Oct 29, 2013


Disruptors have always been out there. They don't care how conservative the community is. Their tsunami come and ruthlessly devastate old and broken boats. Their strengths is dependent on how powerful their communications tools are. In the age of Facebook, they are strong.

Disruption is inevitable. Ignoring it is irrational. Preparation is necessary.

Oct 25, 2013

A statesman isn't a pluralist

Pluralism isn't a valid concept, nor an effective practice, in politics and administration of a state. Pluralism is applicable in social and religious spheres, where versatility of ideas leads to better understandings. In politics, two is obviously better than one, and so is than three. We don't want to confuse the nation with so many good or bad choices to administer the government, because our aim isn't debating things all day long but to get things done. The administration of a state requires practical approaches than making ideas fight each other.

Oct 3, 2013


"Made in Afghanistan" is no pride unless it is really good. 

Oct 2, 2013

True spirit

You talk to me of spirit, but let me tell you that nothing is more spiritual than a true individual self and the natural human greed. It makes you human as we call it. The collective wisdom is a waste of spirit.