Jun 28, 2013

I love you because

I respect you because you are reliable. Because you are in a higher level of competency and talent, comparing to other people around you.

I love you because you are reliable? Because you are competent? Because you are talented? No, I doubt that... I love you because... I don't really know.

Jun 23, 2013


In Kabul, you rarely succeed to find someone with the relevant and true expertise. Here the consultancy service organizations provide everything, from babysitting to assassination services, with donor-type competitive prices!


I love myself. Yes, I do, though, not because I think I am a perfect individual, quite the opposite, because I am aware of my weaknesses. Because I have the capability to explore, detect, and more important, admit my weaknesses; first and foremost to myself.

Jun 18, 2013

Just wondering...

Just wondering what the God thinks about me

Jun 16, 2013

Too fast

I am weird because you have a category in your fast-thinking device of your brain called "weird" (read it "I didn't understand it"). Don't move on, hold on a minute, think more, maybe I am just a common-sense!

Jun 15, 2013

Celebrating death

I am not a hot-headed jihadi who is encouraging people to blow up themselves to reach the god, nor a nihilist who hates life. Those who know me in person can certify that. But, I love to think and sound crazy. Those who know me in person can certify that.

Death is natural. It is a decline of physical strength and capability, and consequently, intellectual capacity. It is a fact.

Aging is not the same as death but it can be one of the reasons causing it. People spend huge amounts of their valuable resources to delay aging and death, and prolong their lives. In other words, they want to stay longer breathing, eating, walking, talking, producing... well, the last one may not always be the case.

Many of the methodologies, tools, and lifestyles to prolong life are merely perceptions created in result of marketing strategies in a modern society. People are always unhappy about death though they are sometimes not even sure why they want to stay alive.

What I'm trying to say may sound radical and stupid, but it might be worth having fun (not sure though there'd be so many agreeing on the fun part) playing with stupid ideas for a minute. If you can't take control of death and you are always unhappy about it, why not merely accepting the fact as it is and be happy about it?

By nature, humans tend to take control of the nature. It's fine. You can take the control of death by not running away from it, but by determining when and how to die. There could be so many ways to be even creative about it.

Death is not only unpleasant when it is about human. People don't like to see the death of their traditions, lifestyles, and ideologies.

Don't hate death, and don't hate me repeating that. Death is the start of creations. If you want to create, you should love death. Not mourning it, you should celebrate it.


Books and dinosaurs have one common characteristic: too spacey!

Jun 13, 2013

Let's understand scarcity

2014 is close, and it would be of more sense if we start thinking to get a sense of what scarcity means. Yes, I'm serious! For some classes of Afghan society, the international assistance in the last decade provided such an environment where today not so many people can think of a better opportunity than ripping off a donor, be it writing proposals, quotations, (artificially) high salaries (that add no value to the organization and it is given because the "budget" can afford it, etc. etc.

Happy or not, all soon be gone. As we might have felt, with less and less DOD and USAID contracts and grants, and layoffs, we need to start getting worried and wasting our time speaking (as an "expert") at or watching Tolo and other TV discussion panels. Or, we might want to do something different than what have been doing. We can start thinking of how we can change our business habits and build our company visions not on proposal writing but on how we can create value with no money!