Jun 13, 2013

Let's understand scarcity

2014 is close, and it would be of more sense if we start thinking to get a sense of what scarcity means. Yes, I'm serious! For some classes of Afghan society, the international assistance in the last decade provided such an environment where today not so many people can think of a better opportunity than ripping off a donor, be it writing proposals, quotations, (artificially) high salaries (that add no value to the organization and it is given because the "budget" can afford it, etc. etc.

Happy or not, all soon be gone. As we might have felt, with less and less DOD and USAID contracts and grants, and layoffs, we need to start getting worried and wasting our time speaking (as an "expert") at or watching Tolo and other TV discussion panels. Or, we might want to do something different than what have been doing. We can start thinking of how we can change our business habits and build our company visions not on proposal writing but on how we can create value with no money!

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