Jul 2, 2008

Bill retires--Who's next?

Who can believe, one day, Bill Gates, the one, whose decisions have been affecting, for many years, any computer user, throughout the world, some day retires from Microsoft; a company he co-founded it and loved like a kid. The one, who has been in the front line of innovation for decades in the world of operating system. The one, who proved anything is possible through hard work, good leadership, and creating a work environment with a rich culture, and...

Yeah, it's possible. Maybe, for us the people of the third-world countries, this, is a unique and unbelievable phenomenon, but not, for that part of the world. It is a fact, and you can not deny it. But Imagine, if one of our guys, in these countries, could have such a power, do you think, he or she would be willing to lose this power some day. Impossible! At least, in Afghanistan, I can't find such an experiment; never. For example, if you just get back to the history of our political leaders, none of them was willing to get away of the power, but when was killed! This is a fact. I worry about the present President Hamid Karzai...

Anyway, I was just talking about the computer world and the retiring of Bill Gates. In these days, in press, you can find very many cool articles on Bill Gates' retire, you difinitely enjoy reading them. Here is one of them.

Who Will Fill Bill Gates' Shoes?

Interesting note by
Erick Schonfeld in Techcrunch on "Who will carry on his legacy [Bill Gates] and define the current Web era of computing?" The writer mentions a few big names such as, Microsoft's Ray Ozzie, Google's Sergey Brin and Larry Page, Amazon's Jeff Bezos, Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, FriendFeed's Paul Buchheit and Bret Taylor, and a few others.

I, strongly, recommend you to read this article. You surely will enjoy it.


  1. Dear Mr. Ibrahim Rasooli,
    With due respect to your efforts in posting your unique ideas, which is a clear manifestation of your free time and hard work, I would like to add some comments about your today’s post.

    To do so, I would like to state that, in some cases without passing certain levels of evolution, we can copy some ideas and concepts from the modern world. For example, we skipped the era of land-line telephone and directly adopted digital and wireless technology, but this is not applicable in all spheres of life. For most of the things, we have to go through certain social periods to reach the global level, we can't adopt EU and US social values likewise - we need time to reach that stage. It doesn’t mean that their values and way of living are wrong, but we have to be very careful adopting it.

    Regarding your concern about Mr. Karzai, I would like to remind you that according to Afghan Continuation, the supreme document of our beloved country, he is entitled to remain in power for 5 years which is not yet completed. Not surprisingly therefore, I would like to suggest you that, please don’t worry prematurely, otherwise you will develop an ulcer. And be ready for Voter Registration which will start very soon, so you can vote to the candidate of your choice, or perhaps be a potential Presidential candidate, after all you will receive at least one vote from my side.

    Best Regards
    Zabih Barakzai

  2. Dear Zabih

    Thanks for your comment. I think you did get me wrong. I didn't say, in this post, that we should copy the first-world countries' values and beliefs, without any adjustment and not in consideration of their contexts. All values can not be copied--I agree with you. But as you, yourself, said, I believe, there are some values which are in common among all human being. Maybe, some people could reach them before others, but, this does not mean that these values are just for them.

    About Karzai, as the first Afghan political leader, as I, freely and willingly gave vote and chose him, I don't like the same destiny of previous Afghan political leader, for him, at all. That's it.

    But anyway, did you really read the article i put the link or not?