May 4, 2008

What can I do?!

Oh, My God! I don't know whether to cry or laugh! Yesterday, though, I had studied very hard for Financial Management exam, but I did it terribly. Actually, it was not my fault. I did my best and almost did all of the questions well. But, one question, just one question...

I don't know when the Kardan in-charges want to take care of their problems. The question sheet has two parts, A and B. The Part A has four questions that we had to do all of them. The Part B had three questions, but we could do just one of them. Until now, nothing is wrong. But, in what sense, the four questions of part A could carry 16 marks, but one question of part B, 9 marks?! When you took a short notice at them, the question of part B was not more difficult than the questions of part A.

Anyway, I know well --and, you know better than me-- that I can do nothing. I just lost those 9 marks, but, not because, I was not enough ready for the exam, but because, the system of marks of the exam was absolutely wrong and imperfect.

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