Apr 24, 2008

A few words with myself (no reading!)

I have just opened the Microsoft Office and put the music of one of my favorite movies the Hours in the background and want to write… But, what about? There is nothing apparently to write about. And even if there was, I could not write, because my English is not so good to express, through words and sentences, what I really think, what I really would like to say, what I really feel…

But, no problem! Who reads my bullshits!? So, no matter how I am writing them. Just I let them come. Yeah! It doesn’t matter whether they are true or wrong. They’re coming themselves and who I am to judge on them?!

Today, Thursday, was the last day we went to Kardan, before the mid-term exams. We have been also given a week off and you have no idea how much I am happy about it! I am completely finished… no! Not completely, but not so much neither to continue appropriately as it should be.

I think these off days will be a good opportunity to take a look at back and to review what we have had till now. Also, I myself have got to begin thinking about my semester project…

Oh, I think, my words got finished! And, these a few words—full of grammatical mistakes!--, you don’t know how much I struggled they got out of my mind! So, the only words remained are “bye now”.

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