Apr 5, 2008

Is this “Effectiveness”?! I don’t think so!

Yesterday, I could not understand anything from what Mr. Usmani was talking about. Because I hadn’t study the subject before I came to the class. That was true. But why? Can anybody answer to me?

At first, you may say, because you are lazy. OK, I agree. I am lazy. But, how much lazy? Having six subjects in a semester and six days a week with three hours each… I don’t think this can be called laziness, do you?

Someday, I asked a friend of mine who studied at a university in Iran that how he could study so many books he was assigned to. Because, I had connection with some university students in Iran, now I am jealous of them that how they can read so many books, even out of the subjects they were assigned to. But, I can not even handle these a few papers called “note” I am given via email! Why? Why is it so?

You know, actually, no university in the world, I think, is like this we have. I am talking about the quantity of subjects we are, at Kardan University assigned and supposed to study. This is not fair. I am repeating, THIS IS NOT FAIR! Kardan University just wants us to finish the program, as soon as possible. Why? Somehow, because, this way is so beneficial for Kardan. Because, they can get more and more students. This is effectiveness, isn’t it?! The effectiveness they are talking about so much!

Some guys may like this method too. Because, they want to finish the program as soon as possible. But, I, myself do not. Because, I don’t want to be graduated from Kardan while I am not really qualified to be graduated. I am talking about illiteracy. I don’t want to only receive a paper called “degree”. No! This is not I want.

I think, if Kardan University cares about us, somehow because we are its “customers”, -- as they have taught us—should decrease the number of subjects in each semester. I think, at most, we should have just four subjects. Therefore, we can have more time to attend our classes effectively. Actually, THIS IS EFFECTIVENESS, not that Kardan thinks.

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  1. Hello,

    I think it is pretty much beyond the line of lesser amount of study by paper notes, or not having to study as a real university student where the problem lies.
    It is the stake that we are welcoming by continuing in this "so called" "Institute of higher education" let alone "University". We are wasting both money and time here, while they are deceiving us each day starting from this latest semester.

    There might be assurances that are given to us, but they are ultimately useless since as according to "Ministry of Higher Education" we are involved in illegal studies by continuing in this place.