Apr 3, 2008

An April fool… but, in advance!

On March 29th, I posted “Etc. and etc. and… etc… isn’t it or not?!” (previous post) Hahaha… it was so funny—at least for me! It was just a joke; an “April fool”! But just two days before that.

Some guys talked about it to me and said, “what the hell was that?!” I just laughed at all and actually nothing to say, but laugh!

Ok, I now want to open that issue a little bit. Just a few days ago, during the Financial Management class, Mr. Jibran while giving his lecture, repeated this “etc.” so many times, after about every other word he was saying and, after every sentence an “isn’t it or not?” It sounded so funny to me. And, I really did not understand even a sentence from what he was talking about! Exactly the same you did not understand what I was talking about!

However, now I do apologize you all for saying (or blogging) nonsense! But, take it easy, just an April fool!

Update: I do not know this post has been read by Mr. Jibran or not, but anyway, it seemed yesterday to me that he had decreased his "etc."s!

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