Apr 6, 2008

A Comment!

I have put a survey in here, as you can see in the right hand, two days ago. In the survey, anybody can give his or her vote to his or her favorite reader. The names have come in the alphabetic order, so, anything unfair there is in this survey.

But, yesterday, a friend of mine said that he saw the survey and that, it was a good idea, but something was missed. He thought that it should have had another option as “no one”. Actually, he was right. In every survey there is an option to let the voter to be abstaining. So, I have added another option as you can see coming after all options. Now, you can give your vote as “no one”.

Oh, something else, I have to put the survey again, because, once the survey starts, you cann't change it. To do any change I had to remove the previous the survey and make another survey. So, I apologize those who gave their votes.

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