Feb 4, 2008

A New Start? I Hope so…

There are a few news:
1. Kardan has changed its title at last; from “University” into “High Education Institute” or something like that. After a lot of emails I received day by day and one after the other, now I got that Kardan has given up at last; yesterday, when I went to the University (sorry, the High Education Institute!) I saw on the top of the Kardan building a new what-I-said on it. I have no problem with the new title of Kardan myself, but I at least want to study in a place, wherever is, which after my graduation I can have a degree recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education of Afghanistan.
2. The other news is that we finished the first year in Kardan… whatever is. I do not regret with it. Some of my friends worry about Kardan whether it is closed or not, But I do not. However, how many dollars I have paid to Kardan as tuition fees, I have learnt equally. In addition, I have been introduced with a field through Kardan I knew nothing about it before. And after all, I do not want to finish my Bachelor in here.
3. Yesterday, when I was in the class, Sulaiman our CR said Mr. Roeen wanted to see me to know about my weblog. I don’t know, he wants to admire or punish me to have a blog on Kardan or maybe none of them, but I am very curious about it.
I could not see Mr. Roeen yesterday. He was busy. But anyway I am happy about it, because at least someone raised his head to notice to me and this is very valuable for me. This, that Mr. Roeen has a positive or negative idea about “the University Campus” is not important for me, but just the attention, that is important for me; and the attention of the Chancellor of Kardan!

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