Feb 5, 2008

Email and email and emai and ema and em and...

Oh my god! I really exhausted to open and read so many emails. My computer is not able to handle so much email anymore and my yahoo mail neither!

Guys! Guys! Please! I don't know what benefits this online discussion has. I totally agree with the Sulaiman's suggestion to go to some universities (and actually just Afghan-American University!) and, of course not to evaluate, because we have no authority to evaluate anybody, but to know whether we can afford their tuition fees or not.

Some guys have said that Kardan is just an "institute" and institute is not university and doctor is not nurse and... These are wrong. "University is not "institute" and should not be! but the degree we are to be given is the same and there is no difference between them. According to Wikipedia "university" is:
"An institution of higher education and research, which grants academic degrees
at all levels (associate, bachelor, master, and doctorate) in a variety of
But Kardan has only two subjects or departments and can not be a "university", but a "higher education center".

I know just this about this point. Anyone who disagrees with me, his or her comments are welcomed. Just click here to put your comments.


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