Nov 10, 2008

Among those favoring Usmani

I have been always among those in favor of Mr. Usmani. I am not writing this to flatter him, but only to express what I feel. At least, because he has been always very kind to me and of course, to all of the students. I have never seen him being asked a question and then, getting angrey; what, the other teachers seem do not like; at least not all but most.

I have even seen a few imaging I am challenging them while asking a very simple question. And what, they do, in reaction, are different: some get angry very clearly and tell me, "Are you telling me this?", the others raise a joke to make the class environment very funny and to create this conception that I am joking...

But not Mr. Usmani. Even if he is joking, it is because of making the class joyful, but not encouraging.

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