Oct 4, 2008

Kardan's shy bloggers!

Today, after coming back of a few-day holiday, about the same, I was just digging into the Internet and especially Blogger, through the blogger list of Afghanistan. I found a few weblogs, some worthy to mention, some not, but since these bloggers, active or inactive (!) are all from Kardan, it is a great pleasure to me to talk about them.

A few months ago, I was informed about the activity of a blogger called "Kardan Morning Folio". I was very surprised, then. Now I am more! I found other people from Kardan blogging. It's really getting interesting for me to dig and to find such shy bloggers! and show them to others.

Here they are:


  1. Let's give 'em a break. After all, it's no big deal that our Afghans are really capable of blogging especially when one day they had to... Finding your way into a couple of blogs here on blogspot shouldn't be a surprise. For instance you could begin with Afghan bloggers on takingitglobal.org

    There have been those who started blogging long before you and i got back to the country, but the difference is that they moved out for their studies abroad (only we are left!)
    I personally had a page dedicated to daily life on memebot.com before i was bored to death and quit on my blog.

  2. Dear Morning Pages

    I am happy I can find you in here from time to time. It's a great pleasure to me...

    You know, of course, I am not surprised with figuring out that, wow, there are some Afghans blogging, but rather, I am surprised with finding Kardan fellows blogging and this that there are a few who, of course, for fun, are blogging...

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