Nov 21, 2007

Another Terrible Semester

The new semester has been begun; the third semester, a semi-semester. I don’t know why, Kardan wants to finish the program so fast. I am not myself in a hurry to finish it. I want to be stayed in the university campus –though we don’t have such a place— for a long time. I don’t want it to be finished so soon.

Anyway, the third semester has been begun with three subject; the ones I love the most: EPS, Micro Economics, and Retail Management; specially, Micro Economics. I have already studied a book titled Macro Economics Today and it was really wonderful. I had borrowed it from the Library of Kardan. I can’t remember now the author’s name. But anyway, I learned a lot of new things about the world of economics.

But Kardan, as in the second semester did, destroyed all. Of course the subject EPS is good; the lecturer I mean. But the two other: I still have no idea about the Retail Management and its lecturer. We will see. But Micro Economics: unfortunately, I have got to say, with this new lecturer, we won’t have good time in Micro Economics classes. I don’t want to judge unfairly, but how can he teach us Micro Economics, while he is saying, “I don’t have any information about Afghanistan”. I don’t know why he said this sentence. But I can’t think of that as an intellectual sentence, anyway. He is not able to teach- this is all I want to say. When you see him, at the first glance, you say, “wow! What a handsome man”. But, when he begins to speak, he is like J.C II!

Well, I don’t want to destroy your good mood as Kardan did with me and you. Just I must say that we have started another terrible semester! But no problem, we have got used to that!

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