Oct 27, 2007

A New Measure for Checking out Lecturers’ Confidence

On Monday October 22, during the time of Business Mathematics class Mr. Usmani said that at the end of the class somebody would come and would teach you accounting and you could ask him any question. Ok, but who was that person and what was the story?

Actually, he was a new lecturer and that was a testing session before being employed. We were all waiting for this man and very curious that what he would be like.

At last, he came. At the first glance it could be guessed that was not able to teach. But that was not fair. We must have let him to show himself. And we did. Everybody was completely silent and just listening to him that how he wanted to present his lecture. Unfortunately, our guess was true and very easily, even from the first sentence he said, it could be understood that he was not ready for teaching. Helplessness was appeared from his top to toe. Little by little, Mr. Shams and Mr. Nasir came. Mr. Usmani and Mr. Niazi were already there. Wow! With those very many Mr.s how could he control himself, then!?

At last, his lecture was finished –I supposed, but I didn’t know exactly how- and it was the time of asking question. “No! Please!” During his lecture he did not let anyone to ask question. Mr. Niazi first asks him a question. Well, he was prior to everyone. Then, Mr. Shams. “Oh, My God! Stop it!” But there is no end; especially, in this class. After that, it was our turn to ask question and to pester him.

Anyway, asking questions was finished, too. He could go then. But these were all just for knowing our opinions about that new lecturer. But why our class? Wasn’t there any further class at this University to hold a testing session for a new lecturer? Of course, yes; but actually, not exactly like this one. “Hey man, what are you talking about?”

Nothing, but you can tell me, how many lecturers we have had conflict with, during this semester and the first semester. Ok, I’m not saying that it has been good or bad, but just talking about what we have been labeled as, at this university. What do you think?

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