Sep 10, 2008

I am writing, but for whom?!

Yeah, I am writing, but for whom? No comment, no... oh no, the counter shows that some people, but very a few, open this page and I don't know more, whether they read anything at all or not.

You know, I opened the University Campus, at first, as the title itself says , only for the Kardan fellows, but they do have nothing with Web log. They are too busy, as they say, to put time on such things, wasteful things. But, I don't think so. Web log is not a wasteful thing, it's a miracle in the 21st century... "oh, really?!"... uh... I don't know, maybe not...


  1. Hi,
    Though it is a personal weblog but I found it interesting; it is always good not to stand idle against what is going on around you. When you paste something useful and your friends somehow find it informative for themselves it is just great cause direct or indirect way you helped them, this must encourage you to do more and I personally appreciate your efforts.

  2. Hi Javed

    It is a great pleasure to me to read your comment, and to receive your encourage.

  3. Trust me. There has been some buzz (though not that strong) about your blog. In fact, Khaled Jawaid did ask about the url (i searched and provided him with it.) I guess what sparked interest was the poll taking on the "favorite teacher" question.

    Keep going, for me the strongest reason to keep up the blog is to practice language.
    Other than that there's no use in trying to stimulate the brains of these dumbhead students who are so needlessly confident of themselves.

  4. No actually, practicing my English is not so important for me through blogging in here, but rather I would like to build some relationships with those whose interests are my interests. And, you know, I've got another Weblog which is more active than this, in Persian. But, since my way of writing (my Persian is Iranian!) in Persian may not be what they (Kardan fellows) would like, I preferred starting blogging in English; a language maybe I am not so much strong in it, but anyway I continue...