Oct 20, 2010

Some sketches for a piece

Is Cultivation of Narcotics in Afghanistan Ethical?

“Yes” might be the answer by many who argue that by letting Afghan farmers cultivate narcotics, we will provide them with a livelihood without which they would be left with the risk of death, out of poverty. Since, almost there is no other effective means of livelihood, by letting the poor farmers to grow poppy, at least for a few years, and then stopping the cultivation when they are financially strong, they would be able to stand on their feet.

On the opposite side, some argue that, if we let people to cultivate opium poppy, we would help the smugglers, warlords, criminals, and the Taliban to find sources of financing. In addition, it is unethical since narcotics are harmful for societies and people all around the world.

Imagining yourself in a government position with the authority, would you consider it ethical banning or letting free the poor farmers to grow poppy?

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