Dec 14, 2013

AUAF Job Fair

On the Job Fair day at AUAF Thursday afternoon, the recruiting companies had little idea what they were doing. They were advertising their products rather than recruiting, which is understandable, but not even in an informed, targeted way for the best students in the fields over the country.

If I were leading the company's recruiting team, I would take advantage of the great opportunity grabbing away the best talents in the fields through providing an idea of what it is like to working at my company, talking about the vision, mission, culture, and life. Clubs, sport teams, food, parking lot, etc. are also attractive topics to talk about. Posters, pictures, and videos would help a lot. I would also talk about why should the student wish and plan to join us after graduation and what career prospect and personal development plans would await him/her in a few years down the road working at my company. I will talk about the compensation advantages, as well.

I would not idly wait for the opportunity of students approaching my stall. For that matter, I will make my stall attractive and different from others' to grab attentions, dragging visitors to that, in a welcoming and appreciating manner. Companies should never forget that their most important asset is their employees, and so, it is vital to develop ever-creative ways to recruit new blood to the vessels of the organization.

You may say, "Oh, this is Afghanistan! We don't have to be concerned about these issues, because they would have to join our company anyway. Because they are poor, etc. etc." Well, you are partly correct. But is that really your vision for your company and for your country, Afghanistan?!

This is an open discussion and your ideas are much appreciated. I may be wrong about the specific ways to attract potential employees, as I mentioned above, but the point I want to grab the attentions to is the significance of the issue, first for our university administration to plan and coordinate better such events, and second for the companies to put more resources into this.

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