Apr 12, 2009

The AUAF Model United Nation Club meets

The AUAF Model United Nation Club met yesterday at 03:00 p.m and was co-chaired by Dr. Shah and Ali Babour. Several issues pertaining to the forthcoming competition came under discussion. The procedure required for the club to be officially recognized at the campus, issues relating to fundraising, the topic to be discussed in the simulation session and much more.

It was a good and fruitful meeting, though, most of us including me, were acting awkwardly. We were given a topic regarding a current international conflict. Then, as representatives of various involving countries in the issue, we started debating. After the countries' presentation of their positions, the lobbies were begun, followed by another round of presentations. Wrap up and adopting a resolution ended the MUN session.

The topic of the MUN simulation competition to be held on April 18 is the North Korea's Nuclear Program, and we've got a week to research on the issue and to best represent our respective countries.

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