Apr 29, 2009

War for peace, peace for victory

I am not writing for endorsing war. I am just saying that this is an inevitable fact. In this regard, we can only be passive observers. We can hardly do more. And, if you told me that you are willing to bring peace just for sake of peace, I would barely believe that. War is not good, but peace is something unnatural for the human instinct. As “social animals” we, the humans, are used-to-be-wild animals who are not anymore straight in their manners.

We fight for our ideas. Maybe they are good, maybe bad. But “bad” or “good” are not God-given phenomenons. We call them so, because we want them so. And, we fight for their trueness. In the past, these fights were much more openly violent. Nowadays, as humans have been socially developed, this violence is not so obviously observed. But you tell me what these are: when we write books, when we present statements, when we argue for a comment, when we compete to get a job, when we compete in a football game. Obviously, you are so eager to be the winner side. While you compete, defending a thought you have no mercy towards your competitors. This is the fact.

Humans are “social animals”. This is another cheerless fact that we have to live with that: We have to work in groups; we have to learn in groups; we have to play in groups. And, as many as the number of the group members is increased, your freedom is decreased. The same your share of food, water, shelter, job, education, etc. is decreased. So you have to fight to get them. You go to school to get a good job. You get a good job to get a good salary. You try exhaustively to get a good salary to get good things for living. But on other hand, these good things are not indefinite, they are limited. And, as much as you increase your share of them, the shares of others are decreased. So you have to fight to survive. Yes, this is another fact; a cheerless fact.

Peace for humans is something instinctively unnatural. We get used more to fight than to peace. And, if we want to bring peace, it is more for victory. This is the true instinct of a so-called “social animal”. Rather bringing peace, I want to assert that, fight for your ideas—this must be seemed more sincere. Fight for your ideas with sincere. And, if you are a good fighter, you will definitely bring peace.

I am not only a fan of peace, but I am in favor of good fight towards a true peace; a peace towards victory. This must be more sincere.

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