Apr 19, 2009

The Model U.N. Club Competes

Yesterday, at last, we went for the Model U.N. Simulation Competition at 3:00 p.m. The scenario was the April 5 Democratic People's Republic of Korea's Missile Test. Two judges, one from the U.N. and one from the Canadian embassy participated at the competition. Mr. Oliver Mains was the Secretary General and President of the meeting.

It started with a one-minute welcome speech in an alphabetical order through which I was the third. It was followed by a moderated caucus through which representatives could give a two-minute presentation. Then, followed by an unmoderated caucus, in which the representatives had the opportunity to informally lobby. The second moderated caucus continued the meeting. In this part some countries, by requesting time to talk, provided their opinions. Some countries provided some proposals for the resolution. The General Assembly through a voting ended the causes and started the voting for the proposals of the resolution.

20 students took part at the competition. Seven will be elected as the best representatives for their respective countries. I was the Czech Republic. I think I did well. However the results is to be announced within a few days.

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