Mar 31, 2009

I have started

Since I started thinking of MBA program at Stanford GSB, I began worrying about my job experience. MBA programs require applicants to have a few years career background in the field of management, organization, or whatever areas similar to them. But I had nothing in my resume to put forward about that. I have been translator/Interpreter since five or six years ago, which has nothing to do with the business. Therefore, I needed a job transition, from translation to a field (or fields) I have no background in it. Thus, no organization would hire me. But if I apply for a low position, and preferably, in my existing organization, I thought it might work.

From a couple of month ago, I have been eagerly sharping my ears, and nose, to hear new vacancies. At last one was up: H.R. Assistant. No better position than that I would've thought of. I applied and passed an interview and got it. Not so easy of course. To get that job, I started from several months ago, even before the vacancy was announced. I needed to build a good and successful career in my existing one to be well recommended for the next.

Here I am with this position. It's a new starting point for me. I will not of course remain here. I am going to be promoted. But I am patient.

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