Mar 17, 2009

UNV 101 University Success

In this term, I've taken a course as UNV 101 University Success. This course has been designed for college freshmen who are not properly familiar with the different system of education in college comparing to high school. It covers each and every aspect of colleges education system such as, Time Management, Personal Mission Statement, Taking Notes, Taking Tests, Reading Skills, Writing Skills and much more. I must say that very many of my problems have been answered regarding university life. I now know where I was, where I am standing now and, I have a clearer concept what I am going to do from now on, without any exaggeration.

Here in Afghanistan, unfortunately there are not so many books available for each subject, so we have been provided only one book for this course which its title is P.O.W.E.R. Learning: Strategies for Success in College and Life by Robert S. Feldman. It's a nice book. I have never let even a word be missed, up to here! On the back cover of the book there is a compliment as:
"This book is worth gold and I wish only that I would have had access to something like it when I was in high school or college! It is a book that doesn't affect a student for one semester--it can affect their whole life."

--Jill Hughes, Casper College
... I agree with her!

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