Mar 1, 2009

Watch your steps online!

I remember an excerpt of a poem by the 14th century Persian poet Hafiz which implicates (I cannot translate it word by word) that do not pretend to be something you are not, and maybe also, do not do something in private you are ashamed of showing it in public. In fact, these kinds of maxims are very many in the Persian classic literature. But, maybe that was a time that Hafiz didn't know anything about Google and how to dig into that to manifest somebody as he/she really is. Otherwise, Hafiz would forget about giving such advices!

Nowadays, thanks to (or maybe not) various aspects of information technology, we can find any info of any kind on the Internet, for example, by just typing a few letters and a click, and there you go, millions of pages would be provided.

The chances are high that you, wherever resided, are availed with the Internet. And then, I would be to some extent sure that you are on a few social networking websites, to name, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Flickr etc. These websites need always some info about you: your name, your birth date, your birth place, your education, your job... Then you share all of these with your friends, some of whom, you have never ever met before. So, would you still remain private?

Now, imagine you are applying for a job. The emplyer searches your name on Google. And, there you go, a lot of info, photo, texts are up and all by your name. Okay, there woud be no problem if they are just good things, but what if, for example if you, someday that you do not remember, shared a porn photo or video? Can you imagine what would be the reaction of that emplyer toward you?

Here is what Seth Godin says regarding this facility or problem: Personal branding in the age of Google.

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