Mar 8, 2009

One of these lovely creatures in the International Women Day Event!

We are going to have an event on the International Women Day in Campus. I have no idea how it's going to be like, but however, mostly I want to take part especially for one of them.

She is not so much pretty, but cute. I somehow have a special feeling about her, since exactly at the first glance. I've no idea what possibly she could think about me, or even she have never thought about me or ever noticed me!

I didn't know her name but you know, recently I am in the process to power my hearing (!), therefore, I sharpened someday for her friends talking to her. She was called "...", Okay, that's it, it was enough for me to find anything on the Internet she had already shared in public. I found a few pages on Facebook, one on LinkedIn, and some other stuffs.

But these all aside, I know that I should go and very simply start talking to her. Yeah, this must be the way, and the right way.

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