Jan 5, 2009

Don't Be +/- 10% of the admission essay word limit

A few days ago, I wrote that my admission essay got revised and considerably shortened by Bernie. It is now about 108 words, according to MS Word, considering also the 250-word limit. But today I observed another discussion on B-School Forum regarding the word limit to be observed in an admission essay. There is a point in there, that:
The general rule of thumb I've heard is you don't want to be more than +/- 10% of the limit. Of course, using fluff or filler will not win you points with the adcom, so make sure that what you add to your essay contributes more detail or other aspects of your candidacy.

(The stress is mine) OK, I think this point also could be noteworthy to remember. I must add some other words to my essay. (Read the complete discussion in here)

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