Jan 29, 2009

Where is Professionality?

Every person, in every field, in the social arena, needs to be recognized, in order to promote himself or herself. This is also true about bloggers who start newly to blog. Some time ago, I sent an email to a news web site to put my URL on its blogroll list; as, it itself, had invited so. But, after a few times try, nothing was changed, and nobody gave me an eye. I, a little bit, got angry about it, but, that was all. I never spat on nobody's face!

This is something happened to Micheal Arrington, the famous author of the technology and startup web log, TechCrunch, during his stay in Munich, Germany, for the Digital, Life, Design Conference.
Yesterday as I was leaving the DLD Conference in Munich, Germany someone walked up to me and quite deliberately spat in my face. Before I even understood what was happening, he veered off into the crowd, just another dark head in a dark suit...
Micheal Arrington has become a famous figure in the Online World, maybe too famous. He blogs about and covers startups, which could be really significant in the term of being recognized for the startups. But sometimes, some startups which are not covered by him, are got angry so as,

TechCrunch is a successful startup in its own right, and I’m proud of what we’ve built over the years. We are aggressive proponents of the startup community, and do what we can to give exposure to new ventures that previously had little chance at public exposure[...]

But I can’t say my job is much fun any more. Startups that don’t get the coverage they want and competing journalists and bloggers tend to accuse us of the most ridiculous things [...] as we’ve grown and become more successful the attacks have also grown. On any given day, when I care to look, dozens of highly negative comments are made about me, TechCrunch or one of our employees in our comments, on Twitter, or on blogs or other sites. Some of these are appropriately critical comments on things we can be doing better. But the majority of comments are among the more horrible things I can imagine a human being say.

He and his family have ever been threatened to be killed. This is really shameful! How could these people, doing such things, call themselves Professional. Professionality is something worthless and can not be called so, without ethics. OK, we have a lot of things to learn from such experiences.

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