Jan 14, 2009

Elaha Sorour--fight for change

From time to time, I am getting into thinking about this that who, at last, would be possibly the one to become the pioneer of an evolution, or what I really mean, a revolution, in the minds of Afghans? Who would be the one to release my people from the prison of their minds?

There have been no answer, however, in my mind to this question, alas! These, are NOT intellectuals. They have already failed. But who else?

This is the 4th round of the Afghan Star--a show by Tolo TV, which is a contest between Afghan youths to put their voices into competition. In each round, there have been a few girls as well, among very many boys, showing and presenting freely and bravely themselves in front of eyes of millions of Afghans.

Elaha Sorour is one of these girls. She is one of the bravest Afghans, I know, who has accepted the excessive risk of anything, actually not to win the competition, but to fight, I believe. To fight against what is wrong in the Afghan society which is limiting her. To fight for change. Maybe she could be the one.

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