Jan 24, 2009

Elaha--be not worry! This is Afghanistan

At least, I have learned music for about seven years, and I can understand who could be possibly a singer or who can not. Elaha, among other girls of the previous round of the Afghan Star, has been the best. She is pretty, she is good-looking, she is tall, she is dignified, as well as, having a good voice to sing. But she is not got higher than 8th, why?!

A friend was always saying and still, "TIA", and then saying, "This is Afghanistan", meaning everything IS possible in Afghanistan! It is possible for an ugly boy or girl who has never, in his/her life, heard a note of a song, who has never sing a song, who has never appeared in public, who has never... to go and become "The Afghan Star"! And a prefect, pretty, dignified girl with a really good voice...

Alas! Yes, "TIA", This is Afghanistan. Everything is possible, and, sometimes nothing is possible, for a girl such as Elaha, who is not committed to anything, but people, but music, who is not dependent on anything, but herself, he voice, her prettyness, And not on the dirty support of Hizb-i-Wahdat, Mazari's followers, Khalili's, Mohaqqeq's, etc.

Alas! TIA--This is Afghanistan!

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