Jan 12, 2009


About a week ago, I took the TOEFL at the American University. It was not so much difficult, but so fast, and actually, its difficulty was in this case. I did not expect such a pace. I had only 10 seconds per question, in the 1st section (Listening) for example. I answered all the questions, though I got late to the exam hall, and that was another problem. I almost fill my name and other boxes of the answer sheet at the end of the test. Also, because of getting late, I was pretty panicked!

I did well the 2nd section, which was writing. It was quite easy. But the last section --reading-- was pretty long-- 50 qs. Though, after answering to all questions, I had still five minutes! which was put on writing my name.

The result is to inform within a few days coming. I am not so much hopeful, but no problem, I'm going to try it again, if I am not passed in it.